Friday, 30 August 2013

Ramon's Village to return to business

Since 1982 Ramon's Village Resort has been on business and has become famous for its natural landscape it presents. Many award was given to the Resort for the past years for it's well service staff. The positive insights of Ramon's Village lead to many tourist attraction. Snorkeling, diving, dining, souviner shop, golf cart rentals, bicycle rentals,and much more were all included in the resort. On August 27,2013 a fire had destroyed Ramon's Village. Hotel management wasted no time on starting to pick up the pieces that were left behind by the fire. Richard Hedrick flew to Belize from the U.S two days later, to meet with the staff to talk ways to start building Ramon's back to it's feet. A press Release on August 28,2013 The owner of Ramon's Village Richard Hedricks spoke to the media saying '' I was relieved that no injuries were reported; however, saddened at the loss. “Our hearts are broken that our beloved Ramon’s has suffered such damage. Over the past twenty-seven years tens of thousands of guests have visited Ramon’s Village and had the time of their lives. However, out of adversity comes steadfastness and you can be assured that very soon the rebuilding of Ramon’s Village Resort will begin. In a short time, the Ramon’s Village that our many guests and friends have come to love and adore will be back hosting guests, and, Lord willing, our little piece of paradise will be better than ever!”

The only rooms and counting were fourty rooms that remain standing and business should start again over the weekend. Manager Einer Gomez told media that the dive shop remains unaffected and business was still ongoing since wednesday. Out of 71 cabanas 29 were burnt down. Explosion was cause by the tanks that was used for the hotel services. The estimation value was estimated about eight million dollars of insurance.

After the fire National Fire Service, went to the resort to do their investigation. This tragic cause of fire led to witnesses speechless.  Mr. Ramon Nunez, always the one who greeted you as you arrive at the reception desk. After a quick registration process, you'll be whisked to your cabana by one of our informative chauffeurs. Ask them anything about the island and they will give you the appropriate answer.

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