Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ramon's Village in destroyed fire

Ramon's Village is well known for its tourism resort in the island yet to enjoy the full service and well staffed service Ramon's Village has to offer. It is the oldest resort still running today since 1982.  It was a quiet night before disaster striked at Ramon's Village Resort. At around 8pm on Tuesday night August 27, 2013 70% of Ramon's Village got destroyed by fire only a few stood up standing in the north portion of the resort. After it's intensd heat of flames between the hour of 8:00pm and 8:30pm the tanks that generated Ramon's Village went into and explosion. The last tank that was felt strong was the one behind the restuarant that had a massive explosive feeling. After the blaze had started the electricity had to be turned of for saftey reasons. People got buckets and fill them with water to help in to turn off the fire, the front portion of the resort where the restuarant is, while another group help to turn off the back portion with the pump generator and the fire engine. With helpless feelings they couldn't do much because of the intense heat burning. Guests had to be evecuated for safety. People were speechless at the time nothing could have been saved but to turn of the fire. Shortly  It took nearly 3 1/2 hours before it all settled into calmness. At this time the resort was almost down into flames. Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia wants to thank those who help and he is so sad to see one of the oldest most excellent resort go down into flames.

Ramon's Guests had to be taken to another location and gave them the full attention they needed. Services were done a well job for keeping the guests safe. Today when I went up to take some photos the resort was still into flames this morning. I visited the neighbouring behind the resort, one house door got so hot that the door's varnish had melted. One of the street light had melted and left the neighboring area without power. The cause of this massive fire is still unknown. Take a look at this pictures:

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