Sunday, 28 July 2013

The eight Contestants of the San Pedro International Costa Maya 2013

It was a pleasure to see the eight contestant joined in for dinner on July 25, 2013 for an enjoyable time at Fido's. As the night went through with no hurry, the eight contestant went up on stage to represent their own country. With flouent english and a well spoken time they each gave a speach of their own country. Meeting them all eight of them they say that Belize is the place to visit and they wish to come back as a beautiful country like Belize would take them to an adventrous time. Their time at fido's was a success to them as they enjoyed dancing, meeting people, and taking Picture with fans. The continuation of the eight delgates they went at Elvi's Kitcken for a Mayan Buffet that is held every Friday night. For the first timer's in the island they got to spend an adventurous time like scuba diving, snorkeling, dinning in the well atmospheric resturants and got to know the island. here are some picture's of them dinning at Fido's Restaurant:

Costa Rica

El Salvador




Now Let's look on how they did for the Noche Tropical At Ramaon's Village. It started very well as the eight contestants were very friendly as they greated the audience before starting the show. Each individual had the oppurtunity to meet them all and take photos with each contestants. The night started of as each one showed their dresses. Each dress had a meaning of why they had chose the dress. It looked very beautiful and creative to how they had put together their own dresses. As the night went on, a presenter from from Belize called "MARIPOSA" presented her fabulous dance. She started her dancing when she met one of her friend which is arab tought her how to do belli-dance and mariposa thought her how to do punta. Now they do exchanges as the arab is still teaching mariposa how to belli-dance. Second, the Casual was well presented showcasing their summer clothing and dressing clothing. It was a entertainable as the Mariposa call and audience to belli dance with her. Third, each contestant had to show their national dress of why they chose either from their country showing their dress and some where life experience from and friend. Honduras presented her Punta dress she explained that the reason she chose punta because she liked it she also explained that the dress is used when someone dies, Mexico her Mayan culture dress, Nicaragua presenting her Black and gold dress meaning "the sun", Belize reperesenting her Garifuna culture dress, Panama's dress had a creativity of a mayan style with design that reperesent a woman that should be respected, Guatemala reperesented her mayan top peice and her blue dress, El Salvador reperesented her national blue dress,  Costa Rica Represnted her Black and gold dress.

Here is all the photo taken at Ramon's Village:

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